Settling on the appropriate juicer has never been easy; not with the lots of varieties to choose from with every juicer manufacturer claiming they guarantee the best. You are bound to get confused if you simply walk into a shop outlet to look for this vital kitchen appliance without the slightest idea of what you really desire. You not only want to get value for your money but also purchase an appliance that would be of much essence to you. So how do you ensure this? Knowing all the types of juicers available and their respective specifications is one of the best ways of ensuring that you land on what you ideally need. With the knowledge, you are definite to make an informed decision that is unlikely to bear any regrets. So which options are available for you?

For a start, there are the wheat grass juicers which gradually extract juice from grass using the press method. Its average turning speed is estimated at 80-120 RPM. At this speed, you are sure to retain most of the enzymes present in the extract as less heat is created during the extraction process. It is the perfect choice for obtaining juice from grasses which are associated with high fiber content posing high clogging risks. There are also masticating juicers designed with single augers. They are the best types of appliances to go for when you want to juice a variety of assortments. Among other things, this appliance is proficient in extracting juice from vegetables, fruits and wheat grass.

You also have the option of selecting the citrus juicer; specially designed for extracting juice from citrus fruits. This type of appliance efficiently obtains juice from citrus fruits without encountering most problems often created by the membrane, seeds and skin of fruits. Most citrus like tangerines, orange, lime and grape fruits have thick skin that don’t contend well with the other types of juicers, making this a perfect choice for such kind of fruits. The centrifugal juicer is yet another type of juicing appliance that you can select. Unlike the other juicers, this machinery nicely separates the extracted juice from the pulp. It operates at a relatively higher speed using the principles of centrifugal force. The higher the speed it operates at, the more juice extract it guarantees. They are normally affordable and this makes them preferable for those who would want to save a few dollars. However, they are never the best for extracting juice from wheat grass, leafy greens and herbs.